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MarkAssure.  What's in it for you?

The better your information, the better you are able to protect and strategize your branding.  There are no tricks here, better information is something that has always had value to the recipient.  Competitive information is invaluable.

MarkAssure provides better information to you.  A trademark must be 'policed'; that is, to verify the market generally to determine that there are no infringing uses.

  • No buy-in fees.  You do not need to become 'members' or pay for any buy in.  MarkAssure can be used as often as required for any particular trademark.

  • Email teams.  MarkAssure reports can have tailored email teams.  For example, each trademark can be sent to the same or different staff members, attorneys, representatives and mailing lists.  This feature allows you to customize report distribution lists on a per trademark basis.

We developed MarkAssure over many years with a proven technology that allows you to get into the market with no required up front fees.  You can incrementally increase the tailoring of reports in your sole discretion.  MarkAssure was developed by an intellectual property law firm to serve clients, and now that power is available to you.



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