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  × Co-branded Solutions
× Customizable Client Reports
× Add Significant Value to Services


  × Co-Branded Services
× Customizable Client Reports
× Add Significant Value to Services


  × Mobile Friendly Reports
× Mitigate Professional Fees
× Customizable Reports and Distribution


The Internet is the new world.  Social media is pervasive.  Brands are everything in the new world, and they can be and are very valuable.  Now, as a business matter, brands impact the customer decision at every level of social interaction.  As a legal matter, the well-established law is that brands must be "policed" or legal rights may be waived.  Therefore, best practices brand management is crucial.  See What Happens without Monitoring

The better your brand, the more tunnels people will dig to undermine it.  You need information.  Business is war, and information is what wins wars.  MarkAssure is information — MarkAssure is competitive advantage.  MarkAssure is an automated subscription, and probably may cost less than your daily coffee.  You simply identify the brand you want to have monitored, and MarkAssure will send reports to your customized distribution email lists automatically, with color coding and prioritization for ease of your reference to save you time.  The reports are beautifully mobile friendly with live links for further information.  The reports are fully customizable for consultant co-branding.

MarkAssure Infringement Reports provide automated assurance reports telling you if someone else is trying to register the same or similar brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  USPTOLinkä provides information on the status of a trademark filing, with automated update notices; and, even better, USPTOLinkä can monitor the status of any brand, even a competitor's brand!  MarkAssure Pro and Pro+ provide other reports co-branded by intellectual property professionals who consult, manage or enforce brands. 

MarkAssure® has been monitoring brands since 2007.  MarkAssure® was developed by a leading intellectual property law firm in the Carnegie Mellon high-technology region of Pittsburgh, so you know it is top-notch, verified by the best and is a quality service you trust.

Saves money.  Increases protection.  Decreases oversights. 
Best Practices.  Extremely affordable.  Cost-effective.  Easily justified.

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